Simien Mountains Trekking

Simien Mountains trekking


Day 1
  • Depart from Gondar early in the morning (by 7 am at the latest)
  • Stop along the way for park fees and necessary arrangements
  • Optional 3-4 hour hike from Buyit Ras to Sankober, offering scenic views of the escarpment edge
  • Encounter endemic Gelada baboons with beautiful views on both sides of the escarpment ridge
  • Meet with supplies and camp overnight in Sankober
Day 2
  • Depart from Sankober into a valley with the Wazla (or Koba) River (usually dry)
  • Enjoy views of the Jinbar River waterfalls cascading into the Geech Abyss
  • Cross the Jinbar River and ascend to the village of Geech
  • Trekking time: 4-5 hours
Day 3
  • Start the day with an early breakfast in Geech
  • Trek to the peak of !met Gogo at 3926m for breathtaking views of the lowlands
  • Pass Korbete Metia, a rock wall providing stunning views of the lowlands and the escarpment
  • Look out for lammergeiers in this area
  • Camp overnight in Chenek
  • Trekking time: 7-9 hours
Day 4
  • Trek east from Chenek up a valley to Bwahit Peak, offering a panoramic view of the campsite
  • After visiting the peak, return to Gondar for overnight stay