Simien Mountains Trekking

Simien Mountains trekking


Day 1
  • Drive from Mekelle to Dodom, the base of Erta Ale volcano.
  • Journey through a challenging road with changing landscapes.
  • Trek for about 3 hours to reach Erta Ale.
  • Experience the mesmerizing lava lake and camp overnight on the mountain.
Day 2
  • Return to Dodom in the morning and have breakfast.
  • Drive to HamadEla, a village with camel caravans and a shallow salt lake.
  • Witness the sunset over Lake Assale and camp overnight at HamadEla.
Day 3
  • Visit the salt mining area of Ragad (Asebo) and observe the process.
  • Explore Dallol and its unique volcanic landscapes.
  • Return to HamadEla for lunch and continue the journey to Mekelle.
Day 4
  • Drive from Mekelle to Lalibela.
  • Pass through Tigray villages and enjoy the scenic route to Lalibela.
  • Overnight stay in Lalibela.
Day 5
  • Begin the tour of Lalibela's rock-hewn churches.
  • Visit the Northwestern and Southeastern Clusters of churches.
  • Explore the famous Bet Giyorgis, dedicated to Saint George.
  • Overnight stay in Lalibela.
Day 6
  • Fly from Lalibela to Gonder.
  • Start a three-day trek in the Simien Mountains.
  • Reach Sankaber camp and spend the night.
Day 7
  • Hike from Sankaber to Geech camp.
  • Enjoy the stunning scenery, flora, and fauna along the way.
  • Pass by the Jinbar waterfall and have lunch by the Jinbar river.
  • Interact with locals in Geech village and gain insight into their daily life.
  • Overnight stay at Geech camp.
Day 8
  • Continue the hike from Geech to Ambaras.
  • Visit the spectacular viewpoint of lmet Gogo.
  • Marvel at the panoramic views of canyons, cliffs, and valleys.
  • Drive back to Gondar from Ambaras.
Day 9
  • Morning city tour of Gondar, including the Royal Enclosure and the Felash village.
  • Afternoon flight to Addis Ababa.
  • End of the tour.