Tribes of Omo Valley Photography Tour

Simien Mountains trekking


Day 1 — Addis Ababa
  • Airport transfer to the hotel (15 minutes away)
  • Hotel amenities: internet, lounge area, restaurant, friendly staff, currency exchange
  • Meet and greet dinner
  • Overnight at Jupiter Hotel
Day 2 — Addis Ababa
  • Photoshoot at Entoto hills, highest point in Addis
  • Visit Shiro Meda market for traditional clothing
  • Photograph Holy Trinity Cathedral and its courtyard
  • Lunch at Lucy restaurant adjoining the Ethnological Museum (home of Lucy, a 3.2 million-year-old skeleton)
  • Overnight at Jupiter Hotel
Day 3 — Jinka
  • Flight to Jinka (11:40 am)
  • Explore Aari village, experience rural life and photography opportunities
  • Visit the school and donate supplies
  • Walk through the village, meeting the locals
  • Overnight at Eco Omo Lodge (located by the river)
Day 4 — Jinka
  • Morning visit to a Mursi village in Mago National Park
  • Witness Mursi traditions, including lip plates and body adornments
  • Afternoon exploration of Jinka's dirt street and markets
  • Visit Omo Child Center and meet the director, Lale Labuko
  • Overnight at Eco Omo Lodge
Day 5 — Turmi
  • Visit Arbore tribal village, known for stunning women and unique traditions
  • Travel to Turmi, arriving late afternoon
  • Stay at Buska Lodge with round-shaped tukul lodges by a stream
  • Excellent spot for star trail photography
Day 6 — Turmi - Dus - Turmi
  • Early departure to Dus, a friendly Kara tribe village by the Omo River
  • Capture daily life, body painting, and ceremonial dance
  • Return to Turmi, photograph Hamer tribe activities
  • Optional visit to Omo River for wooden boats and Dassanach people
  • Overnight at Buska Lodge
Day 7 — Turmi - Kangaten - Turmi
  • Sunrise trip to Kangaten, a Nyangatom tribe village
  • Interact with lively teenage boys, photograph women with heavy beads
  • Return to Turmi, optional photography of Hamer tribe activities
  • Overnight at Buska Lodge
Day 8 — Turmi - Omorate - Turmi
  • Early departure to Omorate, home of the Dassanach tribe
  • Cross the Omo River to visit remote tribal villages
  • Capture daily activities, decorative objects, and Lake Turkana if possible
  • Overnight at Buska Lodge
Day 9 — Turmi
  • Attend Turmi market, photograph stalls and artistic designs
  • Witness the bull-jumping ceremony, capturing cultural rituals
  • Overnight at Buska Lodge
Day 10 — Turmi
  • Visit two Hamer villages at sunrise and sunset
  • Observe morning routines, milking goats, and custom beads
  • Photograph silhouettes during sunset shoot
  • Overnight at Buska Lodge
Day 11 — Addis Ababa
  • Fly back to Addis Ababa from Jinka
  • Visit a Fair Trade store for high-quality fabrics and shawls
  • Farewell dinner at the hotel
  • Overnight at Jupiter Hotel
Day 12 — Addis Ababa - Homeward Bound
  • Airport transportation provided for departure