North including the Simien Mountains

Simien Mountains trekking


Day 1
  • Arrive in Addis Ababa and transfer to your hotel
  • Overnight stay in Addis Ababa
Day 2
  • Full-day tour of Athens
  • Enjoy pleasant temperatures in the evening
  • Comfortable temperatures during midday activities
Day 3
  • Fly to Arba Minch, gateway to the Eastern Omo Valley
  • Visit Chencha and experience the Dorze tribe's culture
  • Learn about Dorze weaving and taste their traditional food
  • Overnight stay at Paradise Lodge
Day 4
  • Drive to Turmi, a town inhabited by the Hamer tribe
  • Witness unique Hamer rituals and traditions
  • Learn about their cattle-leaping ceremony and beliefs
  • Overnight stay at Buska Lodge
Day 5
  • Explore Karo Village and observe their elaborate body and facial paintings
  • Discover the arid-zone riverine forests of the Lower Omo Valley
  • Witness the Karo people's scarification rituals
  • Visit the Hamar Village and capture their vibrant culture
  • Overnight stay at Buska Lodge
Day 6
  • Visit the Dassenech Tribe near Lake Turkana
  • Learn about their cattle-centric lifestyle and survival strategies
  • Experience the unique identity and customs of the Dassenech people
  • Visit Omo Child organization and learn about their mission
  • Overnight stay at Eco Omo Lodge
Day 7
  • Early morning visit to the Mursi Tribe in Mago National Park
  • Witness the women's clay lip plates and cultural practices
  • Learn about the history and migration of the Mursi people
  • Fly back to Addis Ababa
  • End of the Omo Valley tour